Gender inequalities in the world: Women’s rights in Peru

Dans le cadre de notre prochain numéro spécial Féminisme, un témoignage sur la situation des femmes au Pérou !

“Peru is a very conservative country, which in its deepest roots still has many inequalities of opportunity and rights between men and women. This means that Lima is one of the most dangerous cities for women in the world and you can feel it. For example, from the age of 9, 10 or 11, girls will start to be harassed on the street: whistling, inappropriate touching, etc. This is happening in the capital. In the interior of the country, many girls cannot even go to school because on the way, as they have to go far, they can be kidnapped or raped. Their parents prefer to leave them at home to take care of their siblings. I think there has been a slight improvement. However, in the way people express themselves and act, you can feel that women are still not worth the same thing. What is most surprising, I suppose, is the lack of articulation or initiatives to change the situation within the Congress or the representative bodies. Every time a law is introduced to help reduce inequalities, many people complain. For example, when they wanted to present textbooks with a gender equality approach, many groups protested, as when you want to present parity projects for members of Congress. Compared to other countries in South America where issues such as abortion have been discussed, Peru has no draft legislation in place. I think we are on the right track: more and more people are talking about feminism and the problems that women face on a daily basis. But it should be further strengthened in schools and at home. To bring about real change, gender stereotypes must be abolished, and children must be taught that, because they are women or men, there are no things they must do or be. On the contrary, they must be taught that they are free to be, to dress and to act as they see fit.”


Image à la Une : © Reuters


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