Gender inequalities in the world: Women’s rights in Italy

“In Italy, there are things to fight concerning gender inequalities – for example, the « quote rosa » which means that in public structures, there must be a certain number of members who are necessarily women. This tool does not help to build a gender equality that is really felt. At work, men are often preferred over women because women can get pregnant, they are perceived as more fragile. When you are on the street, men often flirt with you, whistle at you or say words that are not very reassuring. Once, a friend of mine was on a bike, a truck joined her and inside there were two men who started whistling at her and hitting on her. As she replied « shut up », they stopped and spat at her. And I once worked in a restaurant and I had made mistakes, so I heard my boss talking to another guy and he said: « if she fucks like she works… ». In short, it is a question of mentality because men do not realize either that these actions put women in an week position. I have sometimes talked to men about these ways of hitting on women on the street. They said it’s just compliments they’re giving and so we should be flattered. What I think is that the most important issue to deal with is education. We really need to educate children about gender equality, not to say that a game should be for girls and another would be for boys. We need to review the language too. The term « whore » for example. In Italy they say that someone is a « con le palle » person (with balls) when he/she is strong, brave, but it is interesting because it is a purely male thing.”


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