Gender inequalities in the world: Women’s rights in Mexico

« I believe that violence against women and femicide are among the most important problems in Mexico. Mexico has reached a record number of murders of women in the last decade. Since April of this year, 500 women have been murdered in a violent manner. In June, presidential candidate Ricardo ANAVA presented figures from a UN report showing that an average of 7 women were murdered every day between 2006 and 2016. In addition, the ways of killing them are becoming more and more violent. The perpetrators of the crimes are rarely tried. I live in one of the most violent states against women in my country: The State of Mexico; not a day goes by without hearing on the radio or on television and even in the newspapers that a woman has been kidnapped, raped, killed or her body abandoned in the middle of a field. Our lives have been deeply affected by this atmosphere of insecurity and violence; we live with fear and insecurity every day. In my opinion, this violence and all murders are just symptoms of a macho society where women are only objects to be disposed of and where the victims will always be responsible for what happens. The social system is the problem; we must change the justice system, that’s what must be changed immediately. Stricter laws and punishments are needed in cases of femicide. What I am talking about are necessary measures for the immediate future. There is another aspect to change and I consider it to be the most important: family education. Mexico is a country with a macho and conservative history, we are educated with very marked stereotypes of what should be « the man » and « the woman”. »


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